Abalone Shell Tray with Peacock

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Abalone shell finely brought together to form a tray. It has been designed with a beautiful Silver Peacock with an enchanting display of its feathers.

Shells are masterpieces of nature of amazing beauty, with sinuous and elegant shapes and wonderful colours; they are sculptures that remain unchanged for a very long time. Thanks to its particular iridescence it has been used to produce Jewellery for thousands of years.

Peacock is one of the most brilliantly adorned bird , represents pride and glory and was once considered as a bird of protection. Buddhists also connect peacock’s feather with openness since the bird dazzlingly displays everything when fanning its tail out.

This exotic shell tray could be used for serving a variety many dishes and snacks. It took approximately 4 weeks labour to create this piece.

Size: 30.5(W) x 30.5(L) x 8.3(H) cms.
Weight: 842 gms.