Tissue Box with Silver Frog

SKU: 2014000055
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Hand-carved teak wood tissue box, decorated with Sterling Silver Frog.

The eyes of the frog are set with red stones.

Teak is the common name for the tropical hardwood tree species Tectona grandis and its wood products, native to South and Southeast Asia and continues to be rare to find. Lotus Arts de Vivre uses various free-formations of the teak branches, teak root or drift wood to further hand-carve and create its designs. To ensure the reduction of impact teak furniture has to the environment, Lotus Arts de Vivre ensures sourcing from sustainably managed forestry plantation.

Product Care : Clean with soft brush and apply bee’s wax on the wooden part.  For silver decoration part, wipe gently with silver cleaning glove or using cotton balls dab with silver cleaning solution.

Size: 14.5(W) x 27(L) x 11(H) cms.
Weight: 1.27 kgs.