Toucan with Antique Fabrics

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A Toucan crafted with colourful antique fabric and jewelled in fine style with one round Pearl at the bottom of the neck, smaller Pearls, and Pink Tourmaline beads. The beak of the Toucan is made from silk brocade from circa 1880’s while the neck and the chest have been made from European silk from the same era. The back of the Toucan has been made with the antique sash of the Kimonos (or Obi’s as they are called) worn by the Japanese, circa 1915. The interesting part of these Obi’s were that it was worn during formal ceremonies of the noble class and were layered in hierarchy, which meant the gold embroidered Obi’s were worn by the upper most crest. The Toucan has been finished with tail feathers and stands pretty atop a Liana wood branch, set on a black granite base.

Rolf and wife, Helen, roam the globe in search of suitable textiles for designs and sculptures. Over 40 years, textiles were collected from Europe, Morocco, India, Japan, Indonesia, and China. The textiles, most of which are categorized as antique or vintage, were from the period 1880’s to 1950’s. These materials are intricately and artistically handcrafted onto various designs, this Toucan was one of them.

Toucan with its bright colours are believed to have attractive qualities and can bring good fortune or luck to the person who adorns themselves around toucan feathers. The bird represents communication and self-confidence. It was also sacred to the Incas and revered by the Maya in the ancient world.

After sourcing the various fabrics, this toucan was hand-made and finished in 1.5 months by 5 craftsmen involved at various stages.

Pink Tourmaline: 23.4 cts. (approx.)
Size:  22(W) x 35(L) x 52(H)  cms.
Weight: 1.07 kgs.