Ensemble of Elegance – The World of Fantastical Bags

As a man, I feel that woman and handbags are things that I will never try to understand. They are individuals with their own identity, personalities, psyches, and complicated elements that combine to form something unique, something that we can just observe with respect and appreciation.

The Art of Gifting

Gifting requires careful research and planning, otherwise it becomes boring and mundane. Without the sense of personalization, gifting becomes a rather dead end business

The Spirit of The Cherry Blossom

In my own limited knowledge of Japan, its arts and culture starts with the country’s anthropology. It is an island culture and island society, which is to say if something goes wrong you cannot run away; to survive one needs to be polite. So essentially, it’s a very polite society.

Thai Culture – “Love of Children”

When I die and be reborn, I would like to be a child and grow up in Thailand, because the love of the Thais for children is legendary.

Vintage Cartier – “Jeweller of Kings, King of Jewellers”

Cartier is a currency: You buy a piece, and you give it to any auction house or a reputable jeweler, and they will sell or buy! This is important in a time when governments around the world are printing money and lowering interest rates to pay for COVID19, and in the process devaluing their currencies.

Bali – Our Second Home

Bali was a world apart, a romantic dream that ended up being our second home after Thailand. After 55 years of regular visits and 40 years of owning a house there, the fascination still remains.