My Encounters with Art and Artists

My encounter with art has been very casual. I was simply attracted by artistic minds and was curious to see what they see and how they look at life. Their way complimented our life and made it richer.

My Views on Francis Fukuyama’s “What Kind of Regime Does China Have?”

I read an article on China, “What kind of Regime does China have?”, by the famous American political scientistpolitical economist and writer Francis Fukuyama in The American Interest website, and I found it to be a well-written piece that addresses many of the valued points one should know. In my view however, Mr. Fukuyama misses one important angle – perhaps the most important one – the mindset of the Chinese.

Traffic, Sleep and Self Confidence

Traffic may be a good reflection of the humanity as embedded in different cultures, so it is with Thailand...

Q&A With Jakrin von Bueren

Taking advantage of young von Buerens being back in Thailand for the summer, we have tasked one of our boys, Jakrin, a budding fashion photographer, to help frame some of our products through his lens and creativity. We are very pleased with the result and would like to offer some context to the photographer for the following works. Here's a quick and easy Q&A with Jakrin von Bueren.

What Is Thai Food?

When explaining Thai food to a Western, the only comparison that comes to my mind is a Symphony Orchestra.

I don’t know of any food which applies so many ingredients like Thai food. Each of these ingredients represents a taste, an instrument, which needs to be harmonized into one dish. And such harmony is orchestrated by the cook (the director, the conductor). Not one of the many spices and ingredients should dominate, and all should be in harmony to demonstrate the craft of Thai cooking...