Carved Batulaga Shell Bangle with Diamonds

SKU: 2020000252
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A beautiful bangle made of 24K Gold Leafed Carved Shell, set with Golconda Diamonds at the center and Rose Cut and Pear Shaped Diamonds. The Bangle has a ribbed black Silk and Leather strap.

Lotus Arts de Vivre has an extremely skilled shell carving master, who being nearly 80 years old, has been carving shells for over 5 decades. The master produces miracles of carving with extreme detail, bringing the shells almost back to life. In the ancient Kingdoms of the Far East carved shells like these were reserved for the Royal Palaces and the Courts, often in forms of gifts or as Jewelry. The cold waters in the west produced few shells and hardly any pearls, this availability crunch made these shells prized western possessions as well.

About Golconda:
The Golconda stones were traced to the Kollur Mines in the South of
India, presently Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. ‘Golconda’ is a name used within the
Jewellery world to denote the world’s finest diamonds. India has been described as a
source of diamonds from antiquity onwards. Three visual characteristics that define the beauty of Golconda diamonds: A high degree of limpidity (crystal), an ultra whiteness and a blue afterglow that appears in natural daylight, which the connoisseurs call that the water captured in the Golcondas. For connoisseurs, the Golconda diamonds that retain their original cuts are the most coveted. Since the stones may have been mined hundreds of years ago, many exhibit the slightly less than precise cutting styles that were common prior to this century.

Golconda Diamonds: 1.93 ct.
Rose Cut Diamonds: 0.93 ct.
Pear Shaped Diamonds: 0 .47 ct.