Urashima Taro and the Princess Turtle Handbag

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A classy oriental clutch, meticulously embellished with an assortment of intricately carved shell motifs depicting a Samurai and a Turtle, elevated by the floating gold-plated sterling silver lotus leafs. The bag exemplifies a refined composition, adorned with masterfully executed black silk moiré embroidery by traditional Indian artisans. Its interior is lined with carefully selected fabric, while the exterior is adorned with sumptuous embellishments, including Maw Sit Sit carved Jade featuring delicate flower designs, green tsavorite, bamboo accents, and an opulent gold-plated sterling silver adorned with diamonds.

The intricate craftsmanship of the carved shell, depicting the Japanese legend of Urashima Tarō and the turtle, known as the Emperor of the Sea, is truly exquisite. This labor-intensive work spans more than a month and skillfully narrates the tale of an ancient 8th-century Japanese legend. The story revolves around Urashima Taro, who receives the gift of longevity as a reward for his heroic act of saving a seemingly ordinary turtle, only to discover that it is the daughter of the Emperor of the Sea.

From artistic conceptualization to design finishing this Handbag took more than 2.5 months to complete with over 10 craftsmen involved at various stages.

Diamond: 0.04 ct.
Tsavorite: 0.1 ct.
Mausit-sit: 4.35 g.
Carved Shell: 19.65 g.
Size: 7(W) x 22.5(L) x 13.5(H)
Weight 266.78 g

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