Scarab Chandelier earring with Diamond and Pink Tourmaline wt. 22.07 g.

SKU: 2012000993
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A pair of scarab earrings embellished with iced Diamonds and pink Tourmalines
set in black rhodium Sterling Silver, and 18K Gold. All done by hand.

Dimension : 2.6(W) x 5.5(L) x 1.1(D) cm.

Iced diamonds: 1.42 cts./ Pink tourmalines: 1.032 cts.

The scarabae beetle was holy in ancient Egypt and China because of its
remarkable reproduction process. Each piece is carefully selected according to
colour and is shaved to thickness and then glued on. The colour of each piece is
extremely fast and will last for several hundred years. It will also change from
green to blue depending on the light. This is an exotic and magical set of jewelry
which requires great skills to produce. All done by hand at Lotus Arts de Vivre.

Being made of natural materials, this product requires good care in usage.