What Is Thai Food?

When explaining Thai food to a Western, the only comparison that comes to my mind is a Symphony Orchestra.

I don’t know of any food which applies so many ingredients like Thai food. Each of these ingredients represents a taste, an instrument, which needs to be harmonized into one dish. And such harmony is orchestrated by the cook (the director, the conductor). Not one of the many spices and ingredients should dominate, and all should be in harmony to demonstrate the craft of Thai cooking...


After living for 57 years in Thailand, with the privilege of having close Thai friends who are partly walking dictionaries on Thai culture, I am trying to write, at the age of nearly 80, about what has fascinated me about this country. I also believe that the world can learn something from Thailand, which is one of the most sophisticated societies, shaped mainly by its geography but also by its history... Click the photo above to read further.