Wooden Happy Monk Sculpture

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Lotus Arts de Vivre has created this piece of wood art - a "Happy Monk" beautifully carved out of Keyaki Wood, a highly prized wood in Japan for its beautiful grain, hardness and weight. It can be polished or stained. Our craftsmen have embellished this sculpture with Sterling silver to bring out the key features of the Happy Monk.
The Chinese scripture inscribed at the back of the monk is From Song Dynasty's Litterateur - Shi De Chun’s Poem series called Praise the ancestry, translated to “The cloud is at the top, the water flows at the bottom”. It describes clouds elegantly idling around the Mountain tops, while the fresh water streams on Earth flow freely bringing in harmony and peace between heaven and Earth.
Buddha is admired as a symbol of happiness, wisdom and contentment, believed to be rubbing their stomach for good luck.
Size: 7.5(W) x 8.5(L) x 5(H) cms.
Weight: 443 gms

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