Wild Flower Maki-E Lacquer Comb and Hair Pin Set

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A Meiji period Maki-e Lacquer Comb Hair Pin Set crafted for Geishas (made in Circa 1900) and, designed with the inspiration of flowers, growing in the gardens of ancient imperial palaces and forts of Japan.

The Hair Pin, a two-piece stick shaped “Kanzashi” featuring a design on each end, which tend to be wider than the centre. It resembles sheathed swords, with one end being removable for it to be placed in the hairstyle.

The Comb, “Kushi” are often inlaid with mother of pearl or gilded, with most of the design placed on the wide "handle" portion. Kushi are usually placed at the front of the bun in traditional Japanese hairstyles. They commonly come in matching sets with the Hair Pins.

Professional kanzashi craftspeople typically undergo a five- to 10-year traditional apprenticeship to learn the trade. Similarly to the combs used to create nihongami hairstyles, only a small number of traditionally-trained kanzashi craftspeople are left practising the trade within Japan; from 2002 to 2010, their estimated number in the country decreased from 15 to 5.

In the present day, traditional Japanese hairstyles accessories are not commonly worn, typically being worn only by geisha, maiko, sumo wrestlers, brides, and re-enactors, making it a modern day rare and unique accessory that stands out.

Comb Size:  5.8(L) x 9.9(W) x 0.4(D) cms.  |  Weight: 22.30 gms.
Pin Size:  17(L) x 1.5(W) x 0.8(D) cms.  | Weight: 16.24 gms.

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