Wave Shell Ring with Amethyst

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A shell ring carved into the silhouettes of waves from the sea, decorated with Amethysts mounted in oxidized Silver. 

Lotus Arts de Vivre sources its Shells from Indonesia, and looks for the biggest sizes available, before being designed into a carving. It then combines the shells of various sizes with embellishments into Jewellery.

Shells are masterpieces of nature of amazing beauty, with sinuous and elegant shapes and wonderful colours; they are sculptures that remain unchanged for a very long time. Thanks to its particular iridescence it has been used to produce jewellery for thousands of years. The finest and most precious is from the deep seas of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Popular for their sturdiness and beauty, shells were used to decorate watches, knives, guns and jewellery worn by the Kings and Queens of various eras.

This piece was designed and finished by 8 craftsmen and designers involved at various stages, taking 2 months to complete.

Size #56
Amethyst: 5.09 cts.
Weight: 41.62 gms.

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