Turquoise Earring with Pearl and Diamond

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A pair of intricately carved Turquoise petalled flower Earring beautifully blooms, amidst which an elegant Pink Tourmaline brings the flower to life. The stem and the branches have been designed with polished black wood which has been embellished with Diamonds studded 18K Gold roundels and leafs that are designed with Diamonds on 18K Gold. The branches hold a white Pearl drop set with 18K Gold.

Lotus Arts de Vivre’s “Flower” collection is inspired by nature and wilderness. It’s based on the philosophy that during the ancient times one talked about Natura artifex, a metaphor that was commonly used in the early and high medieval periods to convey Nature’s role in a three- tiered system of creation that included the works of God, Nature, and human beings. Broadly, the metaphor turns on the idea that Nature acts as an intermediary between the world of ideal forms and the world of matter and this design rightly brings that together in Rolf von Bueren’s design expressions.

This piece took 2.5 months to finish with over 14 craftsmen and designers involved at various stages.

Rose Cut Diamonds: 0.55 ct.
Carved Turquoises: 3.66 gms.
Pink Tourmalines: 0.54 ct.
18K Yellow Gold Bead Spacer with Iced Diamonds : 3.35 gms.
White Pearls: 6.39 gms
Dimension: 5.5(L) x 2.1(W) x 1.4(D) cms.
Weight: 33.57 gms.