Toucan with Antique European Fabrics and Amethyst

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A Toucan created from various types of fabric, the beak is made from silk brocade nightgowns which were worn by the European Royal families during 1850’s. Wings and back are made with an antique silk brocade gown worn by Moroccan Royal families, approximate 120 years old. The body part is made from silk.

All joints are trimmed with European style gold cords with embroidered gold plated flowers from India.

Additionally in pure Lotus essence, the art pieces were embellished with one large piece of pear shaped fresh water pearl and Amethyst. This Toucan you do not need to feed, nor clean every day and it will be a silent companion and a great decorative piece.

Toucan with its bright colours are believed to have attractive qualities and can bring good fortune or luck to the person who adorns themselves around toucan feathers. The bird represents communication and self-confidence. It was also sacred to the Incas and revered by the Maya in the ancient world.

After sourcing the various fabrics, this toucan was hand-made and finished in 1.5 months by 5 craftsmen involved at various stages

Amethyst: 16.75 cts.
Size: 10(W) x 25(L) x 32(H) cms.
Weight: 460 gms.