Textile Drake sculpture

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A Stunning  Drake created from various types of Antique fabrics, the neck is covered with silk brocade nightgowns which were worn by the European Royal families during 1850’s. Head and Wings parts are from an antique sash of  Kimono (or Obi’s as they are called), worn by the Japanese, circa 1915. The pattern of the Obi’s is gold colored chrysanthemum flower, an Imperial seal of Japan. The interesting part of these Obi’s were that it was worn during formal ceremonies of the noble class and were layered in hierarchy, which meant the silver and gold embroidered Obi’s were worn by the upper most crest.  The body is of European silk.  All joints are trimmed with European style gold cords with embroidered gold plated flowers from India.

Additionally in pure Lotus essence, the art pieces were embellished with Blue Chalcedony beads (total weight of 221.7 ct.).  Tail is decorated with real duck feather.
Approximate Size     : W16 x L27 x H33 cm. Approximate Weight:  1.27 Kg.

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