Sumi-E Painting by Yu-Ki Nishimoto

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Large scale early paintings by renown ink painter Yuki Nishimoto, the biggest ink artist in Japan. Sumi-E, or Ink Art is the Japanese ink used in traditional calligraphy.

Nishimoto uses both aggressive and sensitive strokes in his works to convey both lively and powerful expression. Using the techniques he has learnt, he seeks out new styles that differ from the traditional methods most commonly used. The motifs of his paintings vary between classical and modern subjects, such as humans, dragons, samurais, athletes and musicians.

He has received many opportunities to perform live painting at events and on TV shows. He did a live performance at Christie’s held in Hong Kong which was a first. He initially started by painting paper, on plywood at a park in Fukuoka city to showcase his talent. This was when he was given a business card from a stranger who later offered him a job to paint a dragon on the ceiling of a new soba noodle restaurant.

Size: 90(W) x 200(L) cms.