Spider and Seahorse Carved Jade Earrings

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Behold these enchanting earrings featuring a 14K gold enamel spider and an 18K gold seahorse, both meticulously crafted. Adorned with carved jade, pearls, tourmaline, and diamonds, these exquisite pieces are elegantly set in 9K gold, imbuing them with an irresistible charm that effortlessly combines fanciness, cuteness, and uniqueness.

The jades are special – originated in Myanmar and was hand carved in China. Although jadeite deposits are found throughout the world (Guatemala, Japan, Russia, and California), Burma remains the primary source of best jade, hidden in the mountains where geography, soil, and climate all come together to produce the finest. The sourcing of the Jade from Myanmar and carving it in China began in 1780’s with Emperor Qianlong, who extended China's jurisdiction into northern Burma, calling it the “Imperial Gem”. Jade was therefore used for the finest objects and cult figures and for grave furnishings for high-ranking members of the Imperial family. They were also carriers of Chinese traditional arts and literature and were representative of its user's personal aesthetic sense and their social status, especially the imperial courts.

This piece took over 2 months to finish, with over 6 craftsmen and designers involved at various stages.

Diamond 0.03 ct
Tourmaline 0.39 ct
Jadeite 1.60 g
Pearl 0.1 g

Dimension: 1.0 (L) x 3.6 (H) x 0 (D) cm.
Weight 5.5 g

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