Silver Ferocious Crocodile Cane with Jade Ball

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Silver Head and Crocodile Leather

Silver Accents

Red Stone Eyes, Green Jade Ball

Sonowood Stick

A delightful Sonowood cane, decorated with a quirky Sterling Silver crocodile along with Silver accents and Red stone eye. The Crocodile playfully bites on an ‘auspicious’ green Jade, symbolizing good luck.

This collection has been collaboratively designed by the icon, a friend and a legend – Moo Asava, to produce a celebratory moment with a range of canes as a must have style statement for any fashionista and collector. The 40th anniversary of Lotus Arts de Vivre provided the opportune moment for the two to embark on this collaborative effort.

The collection has been painstakingly crafted by over 10 skilled craftsmen taking over 3 months to complete.

Size: 13(W) x 94(L) cm.

Weight: 561 g.

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