Scarab flower brooch with Pearl and Diamond

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Scarab flower brooch decorated with gray Southsea baroque pearl, white pearl beads and rose-cut diamonds in 18K Gold and Sterling silver.

Producing scarab designs is a painstaking process where each scarabae piece is carefully selected according to color and is shaved to thickness and then glued on. Historically, the scarab beetle was admired because of its reproduction process which seems miraculous. The Egyptians made it a god like creature and the Chinese put a jade scarab into the mouth and ears of the deceased emperors to help find a peace in their afterlife.

Southsea Baroque Pearl:  5.23 gms.
Rose-cut Diamonds: 1.36 cts.
White pearl Beads: 0.50 gm.
Dimension : 7.2(W) x 6.9(L) x 2.8(D) cm.
Weight: 40.81 gms.

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