Scarab Dragon Wall Décor

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This wall carpet is a true Lotus Arts de Vivre creation. After finishing the design , the carpet was knotted by hand in Nepal , leaving the shape of the dragon without pile.

This process took over 2 months and a once the carpet arrived in Bangkok , we had prepared thousands of scarab wings with one wire imbedded in each wing. Each scarab wing had to be shaved down and then the wire was imbedded into a layer of polyester which was then covered by 24k gold. The empty space was filled with scarab wings , which was a labour of love.

It took 13 months to finish the carpet and a total of 19 people were involved.

Size: 143(W) x 207(L) x 10(H) cms.
Carpet: 99(W) x 192(L) cms. (1.7 sq.m.)
Weight:  30 kgs.

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