Buddhist Zen Sceptres - Ruyi (Set of 7 Pieces)

SKU: RvBSC2019_01
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Buddhist Zen Sceptre (also called Ruyi or Nyoi) from circa 16th Century. It’s a curved decorative object that serves as a ceremonial Sceptre in Chinese Buddhism or a talisman symbolizing power and good fortune in Chinese folklore.

A traditional ruyi has a long S-shaped handle and a head fashioned like a fist, cloud, or lingzhi mushroom. It is constructed from diverse materials, like the Palace Museum in Beijing has nearly 3000 ruyi that are variously made from valuable materials like gold, silver, iron, bamboo, wood, ivory, coral, rhinoceros horn, lacquer, crystal, jade, and precious gems. The Ruyi image frequently appears as a motif in Asian art.