Royal Elephant Golden Clutch

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An elegant clutch made from Indonesian sun-dried Rattan, hand-woven by artisans  with traditional and oriental skills. The natural hues of the Rattan bag have been  painted in alternating patterns of Black and Gold painted and has been lined inside  with Silk. The centerpiece of the bag has a strikingly beautiful carved White Nephrite  Elephant Centerpiece brooch, decorated with Diamond and Emerald and 18K Yellow  Gold. The brooch is removable. The white elephant Nephrite comes from Xinxiang  province in China and is unique.

This elephant was carved on Lotus Arts de Vivre’s design specifications and took  several trials to succeed. As a design, Elephants are a traditional symbol of power and  peace in Thailand, as well as a spiritual mentor for people of all walks of life. The  elephant also symbolizes wisdom and loyalty and various other characteristics such as  sensitivity, stability, intelligence, and determination. Lotus Arts de Vivre embodies  this belief in all our “elephant” designed products. Specifically, white Elephants in  Thailand are considered sacred and are a symbol of royal power; all those discovered  are presented to the King in a ceremony and a few of them are given royal titles by  the King.

As a material, Rattan is a naturally growing vine that is native to tropical regions of  Asia. Sourced from the Indonesian rainforests, the skin of the vine is peeled away and  woven to create various works of art and utility, which Lotus Arts de Vivre  transformed into a clutch. The piece was collectively finished in 2.5 Months by over  10 craftsmen and designers involved at the various stages.

Diamond : 1.84 cts.

Emerald : 1.55 cts.

White Nephrite Elephant Carved # 50x50x12mm : Weight: 70.92 gms.

Dimension 19.2 (H) x 21.4 (L)x 8.5 (W) cm.  Net Weight : 310 gms.

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