Royal Ceremonial and Festive Elephant Candle Holders

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A pair of royal elephants, elegantly designed and transformed into festive candleholders. The elephants have been designed with sterling silver and 24K gold leaf gilded head, red lacquer feet and a strikingly masterful cloisonné work saddle. Mounted atop the elephants are a pair of candle holders in Brazilian liana wood and sterling silver.

Cloisonne is the ancient chinese art of enameling. A French word meaning "enclosed", is a metal-working technique. It is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects. The resulting objects can also be called cloisonné. The decoration is formed by first adding compartments or cells to the metal object. This is done by soldering or sticking silver or gold wires, or thin strips placed on edge. These are visible in the finished piece, separating the different compartments.

Brazilian liana, or better known as "Jungle Vine", is widely popular and has been available to European vivarium enthusiasts for years. With its unique surface and texture, liana offers a great opportunity for artists to imagine designs.

The inspiration is primarily from the significance of Elephants in Thai Culture – Elephants are a traditional symbol of power and peace in Thailand, a spiritual mentor for people of all walks of life, used warriors on battlefields and worshiped as religious icons. The elephant also symbolizes wisdom and loyalty and various other characteristics such as sensitivity, stability, intelligence, and determination. There are many elephant's references to artworks, literature and national emblems. Since Thailand is a majority Buddhist country, elephants are portrayed as sacred animals from their special symbolism in the practice of Buddhism. Many artworks in Thai royal palaces and temples have drawings of elephants on the paintings on the walls. In 1917, Thailand's official flag was a white elephant in the middle of the scarlet background. White elephants in Thai society also represent wealth and power because of their past association with the Thai royals. The royal Thai navy flag also bears the symbol of the white elephant. Many provinces in Thailand used to have elephants as part of their official emblems as well. In the Thai animal and planetary zodiac, the elephant is the fourth animal zodiac of the Thai people. Lotus Arts de Vivre embodies this belief in all our “elephant” designed products.

This piece took 6 months with over 15 designers and craftsmen involved at various stages to finish it.

Size: 32(W) x 48(L) x 62(L) cm. (approx.) / Each
Weight: 10 kg. (approx.) / Each

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