Red Lacquer Tray with Sterling Silver Birds

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A wooden tray lacquered beautifully by skilled Thai craftsmen with Red lacquer and dusted with darker lacquer as further decorative treatments. It has been embellished with Sterling Silver birds to bring in a touch of luxury. The piece can be used as a tray, as well as a low table on a couch.

The lacquering process here is a painstakingly beautiful process – to the wood as a foundation, an undercoat is applied of filtered raw lacquer and clay powder with a brush, after which an intermediate process follows of polishing and sanding the wood base. Patterns are created by sprinkling various natural materials over the mixed coating, adding an elegant and beautiful glow to the patterns. Special hand polishing is applied as a final step to make the surface nice and elegant, completing the piece in sophisticated style.

This piece has been co-designed and produced, in an artistic collaboration between two design ateliers – Lotus Arts de Vivre and Muse Design, both based out of Bangkok, Thailand.

The piece took over 6 craftsmen and designers involved in both the ateliers approximately 1 month to complete.

Size: 25(W) x 35(L) x 10(H) cm. (approx)