Puang Ma Lai Necklace with Scarab, Pearl, Gold Bead wt. 195.26 g. # "

SKU: 2018000503
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Intricately hand woven pearl necklace is made of high quality caviar sized fresh water Pearl seeds in a feeling of lei. We enhanced the necklace with scarabae wings, 22K gold Repousse dragon bead, diamond cut Rubies, white round rose cut Diamonds, Pearl and Ruby beads tassel, ending with red stone tulips.

Center Piece Dimension : 11.0(L) x 2.7(W) x 2.4(D) cm.

Rose cut diamonds: 4.800 carats. (156 pieces)
Diamond cut rubies: 4.590 carats (90 pieces)
Square rubies: 0.650 carat. (5 pieces)
Ruby beads: 24.940 carats (54 pieces)
Pearls (necklace): 44.370 gms
Pearl Tassels: 9.030 gms. (140 pieces)
Red stone tulips: 7.110 gms. (19 pieces)