Puang Ma Lai Necklace with Scarab & Pearl

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Inspired by the Thai culture of Phuang Malai (Thai Garlands), Lotus Arts de Vivre intricately designed this hand-woven Pearl necklace made of high-quality caviar sized fresh water Pearls. The Necklace is enhanced with gooseberry peels covered with Gold leaf and white rose cut Diamonds mounted in Sterling Silver, Pearl bead tassels with Rubies, Sterling Silver spacer, Dok Rak with Gold leaf, Amethyst beads, Wooden balls and Scarab wings.

Phuang Malai are often given as offerings or kept for good luck. It was used in one of the Royal ceremonies. Every girl in the palace was expected to acquire the skills of making Phuang Malai. In addition to the use of the malai as offerings, gifts, and souvenirs, malai were used to decorate throne halls and houses.

Rose cut diamonds: 10.20 cts.
Rubies: 5.62 cts.
Amethyst beads: 19.20 cts., Pearl beads - Necklace: 43.87 gms.
Pearl beads - Tassels: 33.14 gms.

Size: 20”
Weight: 250.29 gms.