Porcelain and Silver Inkwell, Cartier, Paris, 1927

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Porcelain and Silver Inkwell that Cartier made in Paris France, circa 1927. The inkwell has two removable jars, that conveniently hold ink. There are two lids of the jars, one with a beautiful cap enclosure with a Silver flower atop, and the other with an Asian inspired Monk, both with Silver rims. At the center is a removal Silver holder where artists usually kept their pens and quills. All of this comes together seamlessly on a plate with Silver trim.  The artist or writer dips the brush, quill, or dip pen into the inkwell as needed or uses the inkwell as the source for filling the reservoir of a fountain pen. The porcelain was made in assorted porcelain workshops specially commissioned by Cartier and the Silver work was made in the Cartier workshop in Paris. While the usual purpose of the inkwell was historically as a writing or drawing accessory, in today’s era, it can be versatile, i.e., displayed as pieces of table décor, and a slight addition of minimalist flowers brings the piece to a beautiful setting.
The porcelain collection by Cartier (that included Inkwells, Tea Caddy, Vases etc.) are typical of the items Cartier was making for the Dept S (S for Silver) in the 1920s. The idea was to create, under the Dept S label, utilitarian objets which were both attractive and not very expensive. Of course, Cartier’s love of all things Asian are very apparent in their 1920’s porcelain collection. These porcelain items are rare today because they are fragile, and most would not have survived in the last 100 years. There are collectors who have quite substantial collections of these vintage Cartier pieces and if one were to request items like this today, they are almost impossible to find. 
The inkwell's origins may be traced back to Ancient Egypt where scribes would write on papyrus. After Rome invaded Egypt, inkwells became more popular in Italy as a larger percentage of the population were capable of writing. Fast spreading the other parts of Europe, it drew Cartier’s inspiration for these pieces.
Size: 14(W) x 22(L) x 10(H) cm. | Weight: 800 g.

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