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The co-founders of Lotus Arts de Vivre travel around the world and search for textiles, which can be converted into pocket squares. The textiles used range from antique Japanese Kimonos to Rajasthan turbans and Silk Sarees, and old silk Batiks from Indonesia.

The concept of the pocket square goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks. Wealthy Greeks carried around perfumed hankies as early as 500 B.C. English and French noblemen carried perfumed and embroidered pocket squares in order to cover their noses when walking among normal citizens in the streets. During the Renaissance in Italy, if a woman was attracted to a man she would declare her love by drawing her handkerchief across her cheek. (Drawing her handkerchief through her hands meant that she despised the man.). Women who were less than well-endowed would stuff their upper undergarments with handkerchiefs to create a larger bust line. One legend has it that a Venetian lady showed her lace handkerchief while on a walk which promptly started a new trend among fashionable society!

Pocket squares are still today a very fashionable piece of accessory for any formal, casual, or business attire.

Approximate Size of each pocket square: 30-40 cm2
Approximate Size of each Rattan Box: 15.5 cmx 15.5 cm.
Approximate Weight of each Set (5-6 Pieces): 200 g.

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