Pearl Handbag with Diamonds

SKU: 2016000156
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This handbag is created from tiny free form pearl beads woven into a purse with oval pearls, 23k gold Mina flowers, rosebud pearls, silver and black wood frame covered with French silk.

Lotus Arts de Vivre has added a fine touch with carved jades, polished black wood and full cut diamonds into the handle.

The lock is carved white crystal, set with baguette rubies, full cut diamonds, scarab mounted in 9K gold. This bag has been lined with black textile.

Dimension: 23.5x3x26.5 cms.

3 Carved Jades: 45.64 gms./ Woven Pearls: 205.41 gms.
10 Rosebud Pearls: 10.45 gms./ Rose-cut Diamonds: 1.30 cts.
Baguette Rubies: 0.66 cts./ Full-cut Diamonds: 0.13 ct.
Oval pearls: 7.74 grams / White Crystal: 13.53 gms.