Pearl Earrings with Scarab Bead

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An elegant pair of free form Pearl earrings with Scarab covered wooden beads, 18K Gold Diamond roundels, and 18K Gold clips. 

Scarabs are available all over the world, but Thailand is blessed with quantity - the scarab itself has a rather short life cycle and it was HRH the Queen of Thailand who used the wings in her support foundation pieces and who inspired us to follow her. 

The scarab wings have exciting characteristics of colour, fluorescent with different shades of blue, green, orange, purple etc. lasting 100 years and more.

Historically, the scarab beetle was admired because of its reproduction process which seems miraculous. The Egyptians made it a god alone creature and the Chinese put a jade scarab into the mouth and ears of the diseased emperors to help find a peace in their afterlife.

This piece was designed and finished by 9-10 craftsmen and designers involved at various stages, taking 2 months to complete.

2 Free Form Pearls: 27.17 gms.
Full-cut Diamonds: 0.14 ct.

Dimension: 5.1 x 2.7 x 2.0 cms.

Weight: 46.32 gms.