Nine Eagle Headed Ebony Walking Stick

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A fine Walking stick with deer horn carved intricately into nine Eagle Heads, seamlessly perched on the ebony wooden stick. The beaks of the eagle have been made from Sterling Silver bringing the piece to life.   The base of the stick has been strengthened with cylindrical Sterling Silver and  rubber as an anti-slip. 

 The stick is made from Ebony.  Ebony is a dense black hardwood, derived from the Ancient Egyptian hbny. It is dense enough to sink in water and it is finely-textured and has a very smooth finish when polished, making it valuable as an ornamental wood.

While the carving took a month to complete, another month was spent with the Silver décor and finishing the piece. 

 Size: 10(W) x 98(L) cm.

Weight : 371 g.