Necklace with Bee Brooch, Ruby, Emerald, Blue Sapphire and Diamond

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18K yellow gold chain decorated with the lovely 14K yellow gold bee pendants has been decorated with rubies, blue sapphires, Zambian emeralds, full cut brown diamonds.
These pendants can be used as a brooch as well.

Emerging from Lotus Arts de Vivre’s inspirations from Nature, the Bee buzz around giving new life to the floral blooms and fascinatingly make less than a tea spoon of honey during its entire lifetime. They are nature’s perfect little choir – organized, efficient and self-sacrificing.

Brown Diamonds: 0.400 ct.
Blue Sapphires:  2.800 cts. 
Zambian Emeralds:   2.100 cts.
Rubies:  3.050 cts.

Blue sapphire Bee:   2.41 (L) x 2.74 (W) x 0.84 (D) cms. Wt. 5.84 gms.
Emerald Bee:             2.47 (L) x 2.74 (W) x 0.88 (D) cms. Wt. 5.62 gms.
Ruby Bee:                   2.48 (L) x 2.69 (W) x 0.85 (D) cms. Wt. 5.09 gms.

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