Muro Ring with Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Pink Tourmaline, Pearl and Diamond

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Muro ring, carved from a Single piece of Ebony decorated with carved flowers Pink Tourmalines,  Pearls, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, and Rose Cut Diamonds mounted in 9K Gold.

Muro Jewellery originated in medieval Venice when it was fashionable for high class Venetians to be followed by young boys, called Muros, dressed in extravagant jewels and fabulous costumes. Even when this practice stopped, people continued wearing jewellery depicting these gorgeous boys as good luck charms.

Lotus Arts de Vivre designed and hand-crafted this “Muro collection” to keep the ancient traditions alive. Crafted from a fantastical combination of wonderous materials; it also tells very much a story of the von Buerens – their taste for Old World charms, their globetrotting life, their all-embracing spirit, their sense of wonderment.

White Rose Cut Diamonds: 0.06 ct.
Pink Tourmaline: 7.29 cts.
Blue Sapphire: 5.26
Pearl: 10.33 gms"
Size: 54
Weight: 46.31 gms.