Mongolian Necklace with Black Haired Crystal (108 Beads ) wt. 191.01 g. # 48" wt. 123.75 g. # 36"

SKU: 2019000317
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A beautiful Mongolian Mala Bead necklace with Crystal, Lapis Lazuli . Garnet Pearl, Blue Sapphire , Agate & Tsavorites.

Generally, these beads are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity bringing  good health and spiritual well-being to the owner.

Black Haired Crystal Mala 108:  583.750 cts. (approx.)

Lapiz lazulli:                                  12.000 cts. (approx.)

Red stone  (65 pcs):                       5.100 cts. (approx,)

Carved red stone (1 pc):                 5.350 cts. (approx.)

Red coral 65 pcs                             5.100 cts. (approx.)

Garnet (2 pcs):                                1.860 cts. (approx.)

Jade ball (1 pc):                              2.000 cts. (approx.)

Pearl beads (130 pcs):                    7.540 cts. (approx.)

Blue sapphire (2 pcs.)                     0.300 ct.   (approx.)

Agate (18 pcs):                               9.500 cts. (approx.)

Tsavorite (3 pcs):                            0.105 ct.  (approx.)

Smoky quartz (3 pcs,)                    22,500 cts. (approx)                     

Silver gold plated:

Length :  36"

Mala Bead Jewelry which brings together all Buddhist mythology into a Mala from 108 beads to the use of dorjes and endless knots.

This exceptional Mala Bead collection is designed by an Abbot of a Mongolian temple, who specializes in Qing Dynasty Malas and re-creates them accompanied by deep meditation and prayers, crafted with genuine stones and gold gilded silver. The Mala beads were passed on by many generations, which ultimately resated with the Abbot. He then creates spiritual Jewelry from the lot when his inner self calls for it. For this collection, the Abbot’s calling was to support the Buddhist Mongolian Temples where there are only 17 left now from 500 in the 1920’s. Mr Rolf von Bueren met with the Abbot in 2018 for the first time, and was so inspired by the Abbot’s story of spiritual love and creative vision that he committed to assist and was given 6 Necklaces to help support the Temple.