Ming Dynasty Shipwreck Bowls (Set of 11 Pieces)

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Late Ming Dynasty Bowls, recovered from a shipwreck in the Vietnamese Coast. Sterling silver rims and the base were added later on.

Vietnam has thousands of kilometres of coastline, and may have thousands of shipwrecks. Many of these wrecks would be loaded with archaeologically fascinating and significant items. But the country has struggled to preserve its underwater cultural heritage. To date the protection and preservation of Vietnam’s underwater cultural heritage, such as shipwrecks, has had a low priority.

The little work that has been done in Vietnam in the past has often been done by, or in association with, treasure hunters. Large quantities of underwater cultural heritage have been sold. For example, thousands of ceramic artifacts from shipwrecks located at Vũng Tàu, Ca Mau, Binh Thuan and Hoi An have been sold at auctions.

1 Large: 35,000  Baht

8 Medium: 28,000 Baht / pc.

2 Small: 20,000 Baht / pc.