Ming Dynasty ‘Pixiu’ Sculptures

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A beautiful pair of ‘Pixiu’ Sculptures from the Ming Dynasty, Circa 16th Century. The female is called the “Bixie” which ward off evil spirits, while the male is the “Tianlu”, in charge of wealth.

Pixiu is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature, considered powerful protectors of feng shui practitioners, and resemble strong winged lions. A Pixiu is an earth and sea variation, particularly an influential and auspicious creature for wealth, and is said to have a voracious appetite exclusively for Gold, Silver, and Jewels. Therefore, traditionally to the Chinese, Pixiu have always been regarded as auspicious that possessed mystical powers capable of drawing wealth from all directions and according to the Chinese zodiac, it is especially helpful for those who are going through a bad year.

The Ming dynasty (1368-1644), an era to which this piece belongs, introduced a period of cultural restoration and expansion in Chinese history, leading to a widespread renewal of traditional types of art, such as Chinese pottery, Chinese paintings and calligraphy as well as Sculptures of myths and folklore, with the artists largely employed by the imperial court.

Size: 52(W) x 62(L) x 64(H) cms. (Left)    |      53.5(W)  x 61(L) x 62(H) cms. (Right)
Weight : 180 kgs. (Approx.) / Each

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