Mala Bracelet with Silver Pig, Diamond and Ruby wt. 6.34 gm#6.5"

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Mala ebony beads bracelet decorated with Sterling silver Pig set with full-cut Diamonds and Ruby.

Circumference #6.5"

Mala beads are the rosary beads of the Mahayana Buddhists—the big vehicle Buddhists which they wear and pray with in different sizes – many types of wood are being used, ebony, sandal and others and Lotus Arts de Vivre uses oiled ebony. The Mala is to protect the wearer – to keep bad luck away and enhance the spiritual well being of the owner.

Full-cut Diamonds: 0.006 ct.
Ruby: 0.012 ct.

Product Care
Essential oil & coconut oil can be applied when the wooden part gets dry, please add a few drops on a Q-tip and apply it on the wood.