Lontar Handbag with Butterfly & Mother of Pearl flower

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Lotus Arts de Vivre designed and crafted this material into handbags by adding carved mother-of-pearl decorations and a butterfly forged from 18-carat gold and silver black rhodium. It is finished with Thai silk lining, magnetic locks and comes with a metallic chain as a shoulder strap.

The lontar leaf was used to inscribe the ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts, and in the manufacture of everyday items such as mats, bags and hats due to its sturdiness.

Materials: Carved Mother of Pearl (8.58 g), 18 K Gold and silver Black Rhodium Butterfly (21.44 g), Synthetic red stone (0.98 g), Silk Lining, Brown Lontar Mat.

Dimensions: 29 cm x 10 cm x15 cm.
Net Weight: 453.21 g.

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