Literati Inlay Table

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Literati Inlay Table  from the Meiji- Period (1869 – 1912), made in Circa 1900. 

Fine Art world not exist but for patrons. The interplay between these two groups is well documented around the world. In the far east, the imperial court, the scholars and the literati, the local rulers and to some extent the religious establishments, were the main patrons. In the 19th century, exports developed both from China and Japan to Europe and created an industrious revolution which employed large numbers in both countries. In Japan, the Meiji retired the Samurais and art forms, like sword making faced a crisis and had to seek and produce other iron products to survive.

The system of an open ongoing account with  a patron existed all over, in which deliveries of goods, payments were kept and the artisan very much depended on the character of the patron and his relationship to the person who held the purse, a rather complicated situation for most artists, who often had to produce and sell some items outside of the regular patrons, to supplement his income and survive. The Literati and Scholars had an expanded consciousness and when collecting these items. 

Size: W41 x L62 x H13 cm.
Weight :  3 kg.