Lacquer Rocking Chair

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This wonderfully lacquered chair (lacquering follows an ancient Japanese way of lacquering “Wakasa-nuri”) have been decorated with old/antique silver and brass which Lotus Arts de Vivre removed from antique Tibetan flint bags,  which was sourced in circa 1975 from Tibet. The combination of both gives a wonderful classical yet modern impression. It is a real statement.
Wakasa lacquerware dates back the beginning of the Edo era (1600-1868), when lacquerers of the Obama clan near Wakasa Bay started decorating their work with ocean-inspired designs, borrowing techniques used in China. The feudal lord at the time declared it as Wakasa lacquerware and encouraged lower-ranking warriors of the Obama clan to take up the craft as an occupation, an act that led to the production of many refined and beautiful designs.
Size: 71.5(W) x 66(L) x 67(H) cm.
Weight: 10 kg.

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