Lacquer Fan with Pearl

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Red lacquer fan decorated with Pearl Beads, carved Citrine leafs in Silver, packaged beautifully in an antique brocade case. The motifs of the flowers are extremely intricate, and forms the beauty of this piece.

Cinnabar, Dragon Blood, refers to the deep red color of lacquer which is a natural product made from the sap of the Lac tree.  It is an outstanding water resistant product that withstands high temperatures and is regarded as exceedingly durable.  Lacquer has been around for thousands of years and its usage has evolved around Asia in a variety of different ways. The process to create carved lacquer objects is a tedious job and it often takes months to complete.

Dimension: 3.5(W) x 28(L) x 2.3(D) cms.
Weight: 86.09 gms.

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