La Fleure Tremblante Diamond Earrings

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A beautiful pair of 18K Yellow Gold earrings with the combination of 16 Golconda Diamonds at the center surrounded by  Rose cut Diamonds

The earrings tremble elegantly when worn. The en tremblant effect refers to a specific type of trembling effect in a piece of jewelry. Most commonly, this was done with brooches, starting in 18th century Paris. To create the en tremblant effect, jewelers would mount parts of a piece of jewelry on a coiled spring which would then allow the piece to move in accordance with the wearer. This would bring the piece to life, giving more volume and brilliance to a piece that would otherwise remain still. The technique was used most often for floral motifs such as flowers, as well as wings such as those on butterflies. The style returned in the 1950s and 1960s and today has become a collector’s item.

From artistic conceptualization to design to finishing this piece took more than 3 months to complete with over 10 craftsmen involved at various stages.

Old Mine Cut Golconda : 4.72 ct.

Diamond: 2.34 ct.

Dimension:  2.4(L) x 2.4(H) x0.8(W) cm.

Weight: 13.45 g.

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