King Kong Table

SKU: 2015000583
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This side table is created from a single piece of  Lychee wood.  Lotus arts de Vivre artists have rounded off its beauty with a KingKong, cast from Sterling silver and embellished it with black Onyx eyes.

Lychee wood is a form of hardwood derived from the lychee tree. It can take upto 50 years to grow into a size from which a wide table like this can be carved. A design like this demonstrates the diverse skills of Lotus Arts de Vivre’s artisans, taking upto 4 months to complete.

This piece can often be used as a stool instead of a side table, although it can often end up being a objet’ art at a collectors home.
Size :  43(W) x 57(L) x 37.5(H) cms.
Weight:  30 kgs.