Keshi Pearl Drop Earrings

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One Pair of Earrings with Keshi Pearl Drops and new Round Brilliant cut and new Marquise cut Diamonds in 18K Gold.

Keshis are made up of pure nacre and therefore is nothing to stop the reflection of light – making them extraordinarily lustrous.  Keshi pearls shimmer and shine with amazing luster.  Similar to precious gemstones, the color and luster of keshi pearls remain unchanged throughout time.  This well-known sheen has been admired for many generations and cultures. Known as “the gifts of the mermaids,” keshi pearls were worn with pride for centuries by the princesses of the Arabian kingdom. Their shapes tend to be more baroque, with round keshis being exceedingly rare. Other shapes include rice, oval, flat and semi-round.

Diamonds : 17.37 cts. (Colour G-H, Clarity VVS-VS)
Keshi Pearl Drops : 24.50 cts.
Gross Weight: 30.08 gms.