Japanese Low Table with Shell Inlay

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 Extremely rare and old Japanese Low Table with Shell Inlay from Edo Period (1603 – 1868), made in Circa 1800-1850. 

Europe and the middle east developed the wood inlay techniques while the east became strong with shell inlay , each area using the raw material easily available to them. In each case an artist had to draw the subject first and his quality of work layed the basis of the end result . Patterns of drawings were developed for re use , and sometimes the drawing artist and the inlay artist were the same man , which often made historical pieces.

Producing inlay work involves many layers of work from the wood selection , the wooden piece production , the drawing of the subject , the carving of the surface ,cutting of the shell with consideration of the colours to produce a mood , the lacquer used to keep the shell in place , the polishing of the surface . One can easily see how time consuming the total production process is and hence such pieces were reserved for the lierati and ruling classes.

This Japanese collection is a result of the von Buren trips to Japan and its various antique fairs, where this entire lot was collected, that ranges from 70 to over 250 years.

Size     : W41 x L62 x H25 cm.
Weight : 3 kg.