Japanese "Irimoya Zukuri" Lamp

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A lamp designed with Mulberry paper inspired from "Irimoya-zukuri", decorated with gold silk tassels and lacquer vase as its stand, set on the black granite base. This unique lamp will brighten up your living quarters with an Asian flavour. A stunning piece, it can be a part of any luxurious living room.

Irimoya-zukuri is a combination between the hipped and the gable roofs, combining the advantages of both types. The hipped roof gives stability to the building and it is often used in places with strong winds, while the gable roof is recommended in areas with heavy snow.

Mulberry paper, known in Thai as “Saa” paper, is Thailand’s traditional handmade decorative paper from the bark of the mulberry tree. It is commonly used in creating paper crafts such as handmade gift boxes, decoration, and traditional paper art. This type of paper is entirely handmade by local talents from the northern region of Thailand. The material used is organic and natural in addition to being environmental friendly.

The ostrich spiritual totem is a symbol for wealth, abundance, and fertility. Specifically the Egyptians thought of the ostrich itself as a symbol for truth and purity with the belief that ‘If the heart weighed the same or less than the feather, then the person's soul would get to move onto the next world’.

The piece took approximately 12 weeks of labour to create with over 8 designers and craftsmen involved.

Lotus Arts de Vivre worked with specialist lighting consultants for our ‘lamp’ collection. The lighting comes with a remote that controls the lights from warm to cool and the brightness to suit the mood of the evening. The specification of the light involves:

     - LED Strip Lighting

     - Voltage: Input AC 220V, Output DC24V

     - Watts: 22

     - Colour: 3,000 – 6,500 Kelvin

     - Lumens: 1,510

To change the lighting, takeoff the shade from the vase stand, the LED light has installed in the shade.

Size: 102(W) x 104(L) x 132(H) cm. (Electric line: 300 cm.)

Weight: 8.9 kg.

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