Japanese Lacquered Bird Cage with two Lovebirds

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A 1920's Japanese Lacquered bird cage decorated inside with two lovebirds covered in colourful textiles and brocades. The cage can be hung from panels and walls as a decorative sculpture.

The cage is Japanese Maki-e lacquered, which is a distinctive Japanese lacquerware technique developed around 1200 years ago. Maki-e (literally: sprinkled picture) is Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder onto a thick layer of lacquer as a decoration, a complicated and highly refined and time-consuming application. This Japanese Lacquer collection is a result of the von Buren trips to Japan and its various antique fairs, where this entire lot was collected, that ranges from 70 to over 250 years.

After sourcing the pretty bird cage, the piece took approximately 12 weeks labour to create with over 8 designers and craftsmen involved.

Size: 22(W) x 27(L) x 38(H) cms. | Weight: 2.03 kgs.


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