Hop Fruit Earrings with Tiny Pearls

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An elegantly fashionable pair of Hop Fruit earrings, with each fruit peel individually molded in copper, embellished with 24K Gold Leaf, and decorated with a stunning array of Pearls, hanging freely as elegant Tassels. The 18K Pink Gold hooks beautifully hold onto the ears.

The earrings are perfectly suited for everyday sophisticated wear – a weekend brunch, a summer night out, an evening cocktail, all effortlessly elevating a casual yet graceful vibe.

Lotus Arts de Vivre’s ‘Gooseberry and Hop Fruit’ collection was inspired by the delicate beauty found in naturally decaying foliage of the hops and berries and the pure fascination with the changes that this seemingly simple little fruit undergoes in its lifecycle. As the fruit matures, the lace-like veining that remains is the outer shell creates other-worldly textures and shapes, extremely dear to creators, sculptors, and designers.

The piece was finished in 4 weeks by over 5 craftsmen and designers involved at the various stages of its inspired décor.

Fresh Water Pearls: 0.18 gms.
Dimensions: 3.4(W) x 12.0(L) x 3.6(D) cms.
Weight: 13.77 gms.

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