Japanese Samurai “Sakai Clan” Crested Hat Handbag

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An antique Japanese Samurai Hat, from the Sakai Clan, beautifully transformed into a magnificent handbag. The crest is a symbol of “MARU NI KEN KATABAMI” – KENKATABAMI is said to have been derived from the fusion of the sword, the symbol of the samurai, and KATABAMI, a strong life force, to make it more samurai-like.

The frame of the bag is done in teak wood, 24K gold leaf and with black rhodium plater sterling silver at the base. The handle of the bag has been decorated with red brocade in floral patterns, held onto the bag with gold bidri knobs and diamond roundels in 18K gold. Two carved red lacquer ‘pumpkin’ beads with diamonds form the lock of the bag. Elegant golden tassels finish the bag in sophisticated style.

The Sakai clan, a Japanese samurai clan were descendants of Emperor Seiwa. Serata (Nitta) Arichika, a samurai of the 14th century, was an ancestor of the Sakai clan, which the Sakai later served. In the Edo period, because of their longstanding service to the Tokugawa clan, the Sakai were classified as a fudai family (Fudai originated from the families and clans who had served the prominent Tokugawa clan before its rise to national primacy during the Azuchi–Momoyama period in the late Sengoku period, including the Honda, Sakai, Sakakibara, Ii, Itakura, and Mizuno clans).

The Samurai hats, traditionally a defensive helmet, they were allegedly first crafted from wood, leather, then iron and later steel. They progressively began getting better as the Samurais grew in popularity on the battlefield. Always conical in shape, the purpose of the Jingasa (Hat) is to deflect the blows of weapons, deflecting out and away from the Ashigaru (Warrior) wearing it. The Hats were traditionally lacquered in black and would typically bear the mon of their clans (mark or crest) or that of their unit. This helped soldiers to be easily identified from a distance.

After acquiring this antique Samurai Hat, it took over 7 craftsmen and designers over 4 months to finish.

White Iced Diamonds: 3.64 ct.
Orange Pearls: 1.53 g.
18K Gold with the Diamond Roundels
Dimension: 46.5(H) x 44(L) x 18(W) cm.
Weight: 1490 g.

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