Camouflaging Silver Chameleon and Carved Shell Gravy Bowl

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A masterfully animated merge of a carved shell and a chameleon, transformed beautifully into a gravy bowl. The bone head crests have been designed with carved buffalo horn bowl and the eyes set with dark seashells, imitating its eyes perfectly. While the piece makes a perfect accessory to serve gravy, it is often a mantle piece as an Objet d’art.

The piece comes with a beautiful Batulaga shell in its organic form along with a stout in sterling silver and intricate silver work on the chameleon that is designed around the shell.

In the ancient Kingdoms of the Far East carved shells like these were reserved for the Royal Palaces and the Courts, often in forms of gifts or as Jewelry. The cold waters in the west produced few shells and hardly any pearls, this availability crunch made these shells prized western possessions as well.

The piece has taken over 2.5 months to design with over 9 craftsmen and designers involved at various stages.

Size: 20(W) x 34.5(L) x 22.5(H) cm.
Weight: 2.3 kg.

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