Golden Tiger Tote Bag

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A Golden Tiger Tote bag handcrafted from golden textile in a blissful design of Tiger surrounded by gold leaves.  The handles are made with black coloured cow leather.  The inner lining is hand stitched with black silk. The bag comes with 2 magnetic locks  with ample space to hold, apart from others, laptops and tablets.

This casual yet graceful Tote is also an easy carryall, especially for an effortless casual day spent shopping or running errands. 

In Chinese mythology, five differently coloured tigers are also linked to the five elements, helping to control the balance of energy in the cosmos. Water, or winter, is governed by the black tiger, the earth element is ruled by the blue tiger during spring, fire–or summer–is governed by the red tiger, metal is controlled by the white tiger in autumn, while the yellow tiger, which represents the sun, controls all the other tigers.
Width 12, Length 45, Height 31 Cms
Weight: 660 g

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